24th – 30th September 2016 - “Divine Goddess” Tantric Women's Retreat
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24th – 30th September 2017 – “Divine Goddess” Tantric Women’s Retreat

Tantra Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Healing Breathing Flow, Embodying Shakti,Shakti Bakti, Shakti Tantric Meditation


Product Description

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Dates : 24th -30th September 2017

“Divine Goddess” is a retreat compiled specifically for women’s ready to embrace their truth nature, inner harmony and powerful feminine expression a sacred time dedicated for connection to your Divine Feminine Essence, connecting to your enlightened woman, allowing to listen our wise inner voice, to honor our intuition treating yourself as you deserve.

What is special about this retreat?

Through different practices we will explore different energies, learn various methods and techniques that will assist us to remember the beautiful woman that we are and to embrace the goddess within us. Form this place, our sacred inner truth, we will let our radiance and love shine.

This retreat is specifically intended to help you discover your precious and unparalleled beauty. The treasure of the female sexual practices are healing and nourishing our body, mind and spirit. The uterus is the sexual center for a woman as such. Its potential is reaching much further than growing babies in it. If we want to unfold its power we have to connect with it, heal and flow in all levels.

The deeper benefits of this retreat

  • Connect to the deep and real you
  • Immerse yourself in your practice in a way you can’t do during normal life
  • Restore your mind, body, and soul
  • The ideal place to unplug, slow down, and get back in touch with yourself

The practices taught are the following:

  • Tantra Kundalini Yoga
  • Breast Massage
  • Orgasmic Upward Draw
  • Jade Egg Exercise
  • Awakening of authentic voice self-expression
  • Tantric breathing flow
  • Womb-heart connection
  • Opening energy channels for sexual healing & energy flow
  • Awakening of the yoni (female sexual organs)
  • Ovarian Breathing
  • Devotional Shakti Bakti (singing)
  • Shakti Goddess Rituals

Sample daily schedule

07:00 – 08:30 Tantra Kundalini Yoga

09:00 – 11:00 Breakfast & break

11:00 – 13:00 Tantric Healing Breathing Flow ~ Awakening of authentic voice self-expression

16:00 – 18.00 Embodying Shakti (Conscious Movement) ~ Sacred Sexuality Women’s Practice

18:00 – 19:00 Tea Time or early dinner

19:00 – 20:30 Shakti Bakti (devotional Singing) ~ Shakti Goddess Rituals

20:30 Shakti Tantric Meditation

What is included

  • 6 nights in a shared room’s accommodation
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day
  • Divine Goddess course
  • Swimming pool
  • Hot Bath – Ice Bath
  • Sauna
  • Hammak


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1,270 EUR  price retreat

1,15o EUR early bird till 12 July

1,050 EUR  sign with a friend in early bird

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