Earth Friendly Food cooked with love

What do you get from our Kitchen?

Who is baking love for you?

Frederica Team Yoga Searcher Bali

Federica Nucci


Author of the blog, the passionate Federica create a raw food seasoned with the simplicity of her Italian tradition. She offered her love in our kitchen and spread her tasty recipes on our menu!

Chef Team - Organic Food

Chef Yogi

You can’t leave him one minute without find a new cake, pie or gluten free bread on the table. This baker lover surprise us every day with new delicious healthy treat! Happily, his recipes are guilt-free, and you don’t have to burn the calories!

Kadek Chef Team - Organic Food

Chef Kadek

Baba ganoush, hummus, tzatzitki, falafel, this young balinais masterd the art of mediterranean food. Always smiling, he create a food as happy of his new family!