Our Eco-Lodge

100% recycled wood


From the traditional 19th century Javanese’s wooden Joglo house crafted from premium teakwood in the historic towns of Kudus and Demak in Central Java – an area where skilled artisans have developed the art of carving wood to the highest degree of refinement. To build a joglo was an art, a performance and the artisan would fast and meditate before performing specific tasks in the building process.

In java, Joglos belong to the past and are slowly fading away, so we used this antique wood to reproduce this traditional architecture lodges that offer you a slice of local culture and history!! 100% of the wood used have been recycled from those old house and we save all roof rain water in big tank installed under the buildings.

Values We believe and respect


Water is a precious resource, especially in Bali where it had been overconsumed to meet the increasing demand for clean water for tourism industry.

Rainwater has been safely collected and stored from our 1000 m2 roof, for your shower or flush water!



We believe safe drinking water is a basic human right. About 1 billion people live today without basic and reliable water supplies. Every person should have the right to drink clean water without having to pay for imported bottled water, which creates a lot of waste.

We offer free mineral water to our guests.



Your daily habits expose you to chemicals that may harm your health. Highly Toxic Chemical are found in many product: food, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, and water.

We try to be chemical free as much as possible.



Trees are a gift from nature. Trees clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a livable place. They are vital to human well-being and we use them every day for paper, food, houses or furniture. By using recycled paper and wood we can make a difference!

Traditional Private Cottage

The entrance…
Is a traditional wood carved Balinese door;
Is where your journey begins;
Is where you enter into our tropical lifestyle;
Is where you access to your unique private bungalow, a traditional teakwood Joglo surrounded by a lush tropical garden and salty swimming pool.
As soon as you step in you will feel the benefits of an intimate atmosphere. Our wish you would feel relaxed and comfortable, and perhaps an opportunity to get inspired.



Fan and AirCon

High Speed Wi-fi access in all rooms

Daily breakfast included

Big surface of 50 m2

Salt-Water pool

Mini fridge

Mini bar

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